Do you want to start making money on video marketing? It's simple!

We develop individual strategies for brands and institutions to help them fully realise their video marketing potential.

Our Clients:

We help create viral movies, campaigns and monetise content.

We increase your e-commerce conversion rates by using video marketing.
We optimize and manage your video content.

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We develop custom software and deliver other video marketing solutions.

We've created MUSE, application that doesn't only show the data gathered from YouTube Analytics, but also performs operations on it, allowing to take video analytics to a whole new level.

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Advanced Analytics

MUSE is far beyond YT Analytics. We gather the data from Social Media, Internet monitoring and juxtapose them in a lucid, clear presentation of your channel.

Lucid Visualisation

MUSE presents even the most advanced the data in a lucid, clear way. It helps you analyse your channel faster.

Competition Monitoring

Gain advantage over your competition by daily monitoring their YT channels, their growth, successes and their movies' viral potential.


By only a few clicks MUSE will generate a precise campaign report summarising YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter results. No more print-screens.

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